Intense Hydration Conditioner

A nourishing intense hydration conditioner that keeps hair smooth and shiny and replenishes lost lipids. An infusion of softness, hydration and manageability for your hair.

Size: 8.0 fl. oz. (237mL)

(13 customer reviews)


13 reviews for Intense Hydration Conditioner

  1. Amina

    I’ve tried countless conditioners, but this one truly lives up to its ‘intense hydration’ claim. My hair is noticeably softer and shinier

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Get ready to experience the ultimate hydration for your textured hair with Umber Culture’s Intense Hydration Conditioner.We’ve formulated this conditioner to deliver deep nourishment and moisture, leaving your curls looking healthy and defined.

Our unique blend of Aloe vera, Betaine and Coconut Triglycerides will make even the most stubborn curls soft, detangled, and frizz-free.Not only does our conditioner work wonders on your locks, but it also moisturizes and refreshes your scalp thanks to its enriched proprietary formula.

We’ve included Abyssinian Oil, Shea Butter, Radish Seed Extract and Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract for added strength while promoting a healthy shine. Say goodbye to dryness, breakage or lackluster curl patterns – Umber Culture’s Intense Hydration Conditioner has got you covered from roots to tips!


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